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Date published: December 11, 2020










As part of Hankinson’s 45th anniversary celebrations and their ‘45 Days Of Christmas Campaign’ they have been delivering 45 Christmas hampers around the country to the communities they work in. This week the team have been busy delivering hampers to Orbit Group, Housing 21, Eastbourne Homes, Friends of The Elderly and BMI Healthcare.

Orbit Group:

Our West Midlands office have been working closely with Orbit over the past month, going through a selection process to decide who would receive a Christmas hamper on behalf of Hankinson, celebrating 45 years of trading.

Here are the stories of the successful recipients and hope that our gesture brings happiness to them at this time of year. A nominator form Orbit went on to say “I think we can all agree that the hampers are going out to families that really deserve them.”

 Story 1

An elderly vulnerable lady who is suffering from the loss of her young son aged under 25, and her younger son is also unwell. The lady has been rehomed, but still finding it hard to adjust from the countryside into a town and has found making new friends difficult during lockdown, the carers also no longer enter the property due to COVID and leave her food on the doorstep. The lady is kind and caring and knits blankets for the homeless.

The nominator for Orbit commented “It would be a very kind gesture if she were to be presented with a hamper at Christmas to enjoy, feel appreciated and know that someone is thinking about her and cares. She will also share the contents with her son and others to her engage with new friendships in her new surroundings.”

Story 2

The resident has a son who has severe epilepsy and recently had his disability payments stopped, the family are struggling financially and receiving the call to say they had won the hamper, made them incredibly happy, they cannot believe their luck and are completely overjoyed.

Story 3

This resident is socially isolated since her partner left, she lives in a rural area with no family support, she is a single mum under 30 and has a child under 1.5 years of age. The resident has poor mental health and struggles to manage everything on her own.

The nominator for Orbit commented “I feel she deserves a hamper; she has had such a hard time coming to terms with her difficult situation and deserves at least one happy day for both herself and child.

Story 4

This resident is a mum under 30 and has 3 sons under 11. They have recently moved into a Orbit property after 15 months of temporary accommodation in 12 different units, most recently in a refuge. This is a result of escaping domestic violence. They have moved in with absolutely nothing, no beds or white goods or crockery and are all currently sleeping on floorboards. Grants have been applied for, by a Support worker but with lockdown pending, it is not sure when goods will arrive. Resident has tried to save a little whilst in temporary accommodation but did have to use some to pay for rent to cover 4 weeks as due to the resident feeling anxious about going into arrears.

The nominator for Orbit commented “The resident does not know anyone in the local area and had to move out to keep both her and her children safe, the children have no television, limited toys and have all had to leave their school, leaving friends behind.

Story 5

A single mum, who is a key worker and has currently worked continuously through the pandemic. She is raising her daughter who is currently dealing with confusion about her prospects.

The nominator for Orbit commented “the resident is currently dealing with financial difficulties and has had a recent diagnosis”

Housing 21:

Our East Midlands office have worked on various property maintenance projects for Housing 21 and donated several hampers to them. They dropped a couple off at Sheppards Court where they will be placed in the communal area for all of the residents to share and enjoy.

The East Mids office have also recently delivered resurfacing works and installed a new boiler at Grounds & Ancaster Court for Housing 21 in Boston and Operation Manager for East Midlands, Sean Briggs delivered the hampers for the residents to enjoy over the festive period. 

Firends of The Elderly:

In what has been a difficult year for the country, it has been espessially difficult for everyone involved in Health Care .

Friends of the Elderly have Care Homes up and down the counrty and have been hit hard by this pandemic, Branch Manager for the South East,  Richard Russell delivered hampers to The Lawn Care Home, Bernard Sunley Care Home, Orfrod House Care Home and New Copford Care Home.

The hampers will be shared out to people in care and we certainlly hope that it brings a smile to their faces.

Nigel Lacy, Property Manager  for Friends of the Elderly went on to say: "the gifts will be very much appreciated by the staff and residents who have all had it very tough this past 8 months"

The team from Hankinson have been very touched by the people they have met and have taken great joy in bringing smiles to so many faces at such a difficult time.