Sixth Year at Saints South Stand Back

Date published: July 16, 2019

Work is now well under way at Northampton Saints on their South Stand, for what will be a sixth year on site!

Northampton Saints have a stadium painting programme with us which means that we have been carrying out cyclical maintenance on their stands at Franklin Gardens.

Our long-term maintenance painting programmes are an effective way for customers to achieve a high standard of presentation for their properties, while avoiding a large initial cost outlay. Our emphasis is directed towards the type of paint finish and the scope of annual services to ensure that the paint work is kept in a sound condition and that total protection is offered to the building structure.

In the first year of the programme all of the nominated surfaces are prepared and repainted to establish uniformity of finish and appearance. Buildings that are new or recently painted may be deferred for painting to later years of the programme to provide overall cost savings. Annual maintenance servicing extends the life cycle of the coated surfaces.

A unique financial guarantee is provided by spreading payments over the period of the maintenance programme, even though the majority of the work may be completed in the first year. All maintenance programmes are flexible and can be modified to suit the changing needs of our customers.

To learn more about our pioneering programme offering, click here.

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